Rewind Father’s Day: Godly Offspring

Last June, but too late for that Father’s Day, I posted “Godly Offspring Aren’t an Accident.”  Summarizing Genesis 38, I wrote that “God must be frustrated with His struggling family, but He does not give up.”  That one chapter has several examples of man disregarding God’s intentions for His family.  Similarly, many families, and the idea of family itself, are struggling today.  But, “Genesis 38, with all its warts, shows us that Judah and many others were part of God’s plan to use sinners to reach sinners.  To become the Father of His eternal people”.  God will not be thwarted.

This Father’s Day, “take every opportunity to be grateful for fathers, for parents, for those who take on parenthood in other ways, but also think about those who have no earthly provision.”

“God’s purpose for Godly offspring will be fulfilled.”

Read the full post at the link below: (Estimated reading time 9 minutes)

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