My First “Short Form” Post – A Meditation

About a month ago, I began posting links to the blog for family, friends, and friends-of-friends in a Facebook Group. I also began posting on a near-daily basis music, quotes, verses, articles, and even art to inject some (hopefully helpful) thoughts of eternity into their feeds. So, I thought why not just share those here as well?

I hope you enjoy the “Short Form” version of Driving Toward the Morning Sun, focused on one brief thought. The “Long Form” version of longer posts will continue, trying to tie together multiple ideas. I have some catching up to do, so below is the first post to Facebook, from October 12:

I’ve recently been revisiting some old music from my catalog. Michael Card had a lot of thoughtful lyrics but every now and then an instrumental “Meditation” to just take a pause and be still. Take a listen and be present with God. Worship includes just being available.

(apologies for any ads in the video)

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