Becoming a People – Sunday Share from C. Christopher Smith

Dear fellow travelers,

Today’s “Sunday Share” comes from C. Christopher Smith, who writes that “Jesus’ teachings in the Sermon on the Mount were not meant primarily for us as individuals. Rather, they offer a vision of what maturity in Christ looks like for our church communities.”  He suggests that churches that practice “stability, conversation, and rhythms of work and Sabbath” equip their members to “follow in the patient way of Jesus.”

What practices help your church community develop disciples?

Full article linked below.
(Estimated reading time 8 minutes)

4 thoughts on “Becoming a People – Sunday Share from C. Christopher Smith

  1. Focused on small groups that are very intentional about being active in each others lives, and holding each other accountable to share the Kingdom daily. We take discipleship extremely serious – and it’s never about inviting someone to a church service. We “go” and as we go, we make disciples of Jesus.


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