Forgiveness: What We Need First and Most

“Forgiveness is the greatest miracle that Jesus ever performs. It meets the greatest need; it costs the greatest price; and it brings the greatest blessing and the most lasting results.” – Warren Wiersbe

Wiersbe’s quote applies universally, but the immediate reference was to Mark 2:5 – “And when Jesus saw their faith, he said to the paralytic, ‘Son, your sins are forgiven.'” Four friends of the paralytic could not get him to Jesus because of the crowds, so they lowered him through the roof. Jesus healed the man’s paralysis, but more importantly healed the man’s separation from God by forgiving his sins.

Among the gathered crowd were religious leaders – scribes – who perhaps came early to investigate this new rabbi who was attracting a following. They may have considered this their duty, as outlined in Deuteronomy 13, especially noting in verses 1-2 that prophets would arise, able to perform signs and wonders, but seeking to lead people to other gods. Unfortunately, they came to the wrong conclusion because Jesus did not fit their preconceived notions.

We all have notions that require forgiveness, including the notion that we don’t need forgiveness more than we need physical healing and assistance. Fortunately forgiveness is available in Him, as well as the sure hope of future healing.

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