6 Months of Learning to Trust the Fall

Dear fellow travelers,

It’s been 6 months since I first posted “42 is Not the Answer.” I had no goal in mind, only to organize what thoughts I had and hoping to encourage others by sharing them. There’s a saying that sharing Christ is like one beggar offering another beggar his only loaf of bread.

Progress has been slow – I still have not posted some of the earliest ideas. The Word file for “42” was created in January, and the file for the next expected blog post was created in February!

I had in mind some things about format, frequency, etc. Short posts were not part of “the plan,” but here we are.

On our path to eternity, my plans are not what matter and I only hope to use what tools I have to honor our Maker and King.

Thank you for traveling with me.

Borrowing the lyrics from this song, I think I’m learning to trust the fall. Take a listen.

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