The God Who Sees You – Sunday Share from Pastor David Garrison

The holidays may be a joyous time of gathering with family and friends for many people, but for others it can be a lonely time, even if there are people around.  This Sunday Share, telling the story of God proactively comforting an unlikely person in their loneliness, is from David Garrison, pastor of Northminster Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Madison Heights, Virginia.  David also happens to be an old friend of mine, and I’m delighted to share this post on Genesis 16 – “The God Who Sees You” – from his Pastor’s Corner blog.  If you’re ever in that part of Virginia, drop into his church!

One thought on “The God Who Sees You – Sunday Share from Pastor David Garrison

  1. This is such an important message from Pastor David at this time of year. We’re bombarded by pictures on the media of happy fun-loving and close families at Christmas. Not wanting to depress anyone, there are those who have bad memories of Christmas for one reason or another and it can be a time full of loneliness and despair for them. It’s a good reminder that God is aware of our situation/s and that we can help ourselves by reaching out to others who may need our help also.
    Thank you for posting this, Todd!

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