Who is the Apostle Peter?

Dear fellow travelers,

Recently, I began facilitating a study of the apostle Peter with a small group at my church.  In the first meeting, we brainstormed whatever words or phrases came to mind when we thought of Peter.  No right or wrong answers, just whatever came to mind.  Here’s what ended up on the whiteboard:

ImpulsiveDenied Jesus 3 times
Man of actionBold
RockAndrew’s brother
Author of 2 EpistlesApostle to the Jews
Jesus’ right-hand manTight with John and James
Seen as commonPrejudiced
Rebuked as “Satan” by JesusFearless
Preached at PentecostBoastful
Walked on waterHelped write Mark
Vocal & Decisive, often before thinkingConfident
Cut off Malchus’ earLearns from mistakes

One of the reasons Peter is so interesting to study is that he’s clearly as full of contradictions and spiritual immaturity as anyone is.  There are plenty of struggles and times of growth for us to identify with.  Few New Testament personalities, other than Jesus, are so fully revealed for all to see.  He’s a fellow traveler along with us as we strive to follow Jesus.

What words or phrases would you use to describe Peter?  What do you identify with from the above list?

As our study of Peter progresses, I’ll be summarizing some of it here, with the next one covering Jesus’ call of Simon, who became Peter.

3 thoughts on “Who is the Apostle Peter?

  1. On word that comes to mind for me is, inconsistent. Even after being restored by Jesus and Pentecost and clear leadership among the Apostles, he had to be publicly rebuked by Paul for the hypocrisy of withdrawing from Gentiles in Antioch. (Gal. 2:11-12) Even at this point in his ministry there were still issues with the fear of man. Thank our God that He never gave up on Peter and that He won’t give up on you or me.

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    1. Yes, I’m thankful that Peter’s inconsistency means God is faithful in spite of my inconsistency. When He begins a work, He finishes it.


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