Rewind Wednesday: 42 is Not the Answer

Last week, the blog celebrated its one-year anniversary and in year two I plan to recycle some old posts.  Why not start with the very first post? The post is linked at the bottom.

42 is Not the Answer” was first posted on May 20, 2021 and is still my most-viewed post ever.  Re-reading it now before sharing it again, I thought:

  • Wow – I tried to pack way too much in there!  What’s the saying – “To write is human; to edit is divine”?
  • There are some elements of it I thought would be in every post afterward, such as starting with two verses, that I’ve dropped.
  • The “Future” ideas I listed at the end are still largely unwritten.

On the positive side:

  • It is still encouraging for me to read it.
  • It was accurate about what the blog would be about.
  • It got me started, which was the hardest thing to do at the time, and I’m still here, writing.  The blog is still giving me an outlet for creativity in a way that helps me grow spiritually and is an encouragement to others.

More “Rewind Wednesday” to come!

(Estimated reading time 10 minutes)

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