Rewind Wednesday: The Song Behind the Blog

Fellow travelers,

With the blog now in year 2, I’ve added Rewind Wednesdays – a look back at older posts.  The first Rewind revisited the first post, and this one, originally posted 3 months later, picks up from a footnote in that first post.  My two teenage kids and I both love the band twenty øne piløts, and this post looks at their song “Taxi Cab” and how it creatively weaves the story of the gospel into its lyrics.  “Driving Toward the Morning Sun (Part 1)” explains some of my reasons for blogging, the name of the blog, and the importance of both truth and tone in writing. Even in sharing the gospel, we should obey the gospel.

More “Rewind Wednesday” to come!

(Estimated reading time 6 minutes, more if you listen to the song)

Author: Todd R

I read; I think; I write. I consider how to stir up my readers to love and good works. If the Lord wills, I will continue to write and do this or that. All Bible quotations are from the English Standard Version, unless otherwise noted. All other quotations are also in the standard English version, unless otherside noted.

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