Rewind Wednesday: The Purpose Behind the Blog

Fellow travelers,

Over a month ago, I re-blogged Part 1 of “Driving Toward the Morning Sun” but not Part 2.  After a discussion in church this week about what “Sing to the LORD a new song” means, I decided to come back to it.  Part 1 explained why the blog is named after an obscure song reflecting the struggles of finding meaning without God.  Part 2 explains that true meaning in living comes from knowing we have a Maker and King, and therefore a meaningful origin and destiny.  We are not random accidents with no design.

Every Christian should “Sing to the LORD a new song” in their own way.  We were designed to have Christ’s character and to express it through the creative power given to each of us.  The only way to guarantee failure is to “Shy Away” from the work before us.  Therefore, I keep writing, and I hope to encourage others to find their “new song” every day.

More “Rewind Wednesday” to come!

(Estimated reading time 7 minutes, more if you listen to the song (and you should…))

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